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What if your city banned Christianity?

Earlier this month the official leaders of the Katin village in Laos confiscated the livestock of all the Christians in that village. The Christians felt violated and mistreated, but it was nothing in comparison to what was about to take place.

On July 11th, the village officials called a special meeting for all residents and announced that they had “banned the Christian faith in our village.”

The chief of Katin village, along with village security, social and religious affairs officials, warned all 53 Christian residents that they should revert to worshiping local spirits in accordance with Lao tradition or risk losing all village rights and privileges – including their livestock and homes, according to advocacy group Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF). The Katin chief also declared that spirit worship was the only acceptable form of worship in the community.

When I read stories like these, I like to put things into perspective with my way of life. What if the mayor of my town took away all the Christians cars? I would feel like it was a violation of my rights, something a mayor should not have the power to do. Then, what if a month later we were all called to a town meeting where the mayor announced that the Christian faith was banned. It would be unconstitutional, and unfair…..something that could never happen here in the US, right?

Actually the Laos Constitution allows for freedom of religion, just like our constitution does. So technically this should be just as unlikely to happen to believers there, as it would be here….yet they are still experiencing this unreal persecution.

When we put ourselves in their shoes, let us pray for them, not only for their protection and encouragement, but to empathetically pray for their rights and freedom.


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