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Dear God,

I pray for joy this holiday season. I know that many people are out of work, forced out of thier homes and they feel alone and desperate. Many of them do not have money for a decent meal, much less a holiday feast. Some are just barely getting by and others have already lost it all. I pray that in the midst of poverty, anxiety, uncertainty, unemployment and helplessness your peace and joy would prevail. I pray that you would show me ways that I can be an example of peace and joy to those that are hurting.

I pray for Christians who have family members that do not know you. I pray you would give those Christians perseverance to keep praying for thier family and to keep being an example of your love. Soften the hearts of non believing family members that they would recieve your salvation.

I pray for citizens of Iraq. I pray for Christians that You would give them strength to persevere although the persecution against them gets worse and worse everyday. I pray that You would give them love for thier enemies and remind them that they are not fighting against flesh and blood but against Satan. No matter how strong Satan may seem at times, God is always stronger. I pray for Muslims in Iraq, I thank You for them for they are Your creation and loved by You. Please protect them and send people to minister to them, love them and pray for them. I pray for all soldiers in Iraq. I pray that they get a good night sleep tonight and that they wake up feeling refreshed. I pray for unity amongst the troops that they would support and encourage eachother. I pray that you would bring them home safely to thier families.

I pray for President Obama. I pray that as he struggles with major issues like the war, the recession and health care that You would give him wisdom to do what is best for this country and for the world. I pray that You would protect him and his family. I pray that he would make changes that glorify You and are really the right thing for this country. I pray he makes changes that lay a strong foundation for the future. I thank you for this country, for our government, for the citizens, for the geography and for all the things that make us unique. Please remind all of us, regardless of how we feel about the economy or the president or healthcare, that this country is in Your hands. It was founded on Your principles. You put us here for a reason and for that we are greatful.

In Jesus Name.



India Headlines

Keeping with the theme of the week so far, here are some links to articles concerning India, specifically the violence and political and religious turmoul in the country.

Orissa is not the only Indian state experiencing violence and persecution. This article from Compass Direct tells of increased violence in Karnataka.

“India successfully launches seven satellites in a single mission, reaffirming its growing capabilities in space.” I have a secret obsession with space and will often post links having to do with various space programs. The India space program is another example of how India is becoming a more prominent world power and, therefore, why we should be paying special attention to its religious rights violations.

This Compass Direct article tells of a Christian Indian official who died in a plane crash. Muslims are calling it divine retribution because he supposedly helped convert many hindus to Christianity.Remember the Maoists? They were responsible for killing the prominent Hindu leader, a killing that led to the violence and persecution in Orissa. This BBC article tells of more conflicts between Maoists and the government.


Orissa: Yesterday and Today

Today’s persecution in Orissa stems from seeds of violence sown in December of 2007. An argument between Christians and the VHP (World Hindu Counsel) over the pitching of a tent in a local village to celebrate Christmas led to the destruction of Christian shops and beating those who choose to continue with Christmas celebrations. (source: Compass Direct News).

Eight months later, a prominent leader of the VHP, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, was killed. Hindu extremists immediately blamed local Christians, although a few days after the killing extreme communist groups publically took responsibility. Still, a year later, Christians continue to be persecuted. (source: Compass Direct News).

In the months immediately following the death of Saraswati, 100 Christians were killed. Buildings, 4,500 homes, 250 churches and 13 educational facilities, were also destroyed. 50,000 people had to flee to refugee camps and only half have been able to return home. . Those who have returned must start from scratch rebuilding homes and businesses. Some have been forced to deny their faith, while others must live out their faith in secret. (source: Compass Direct News).

Even more disturbing than the violence is the inability of Christians to receive justice from the government. In police reports related to the incident, 11,000 were named as attackers. A mere 679 have been arrested. There were over 750 police reports filed and only 1 has resulted in a conviction.  One major reason for the hold up is that Hindu extremists continually threaten witness and those who file complaints. In July, a key witness in a case agreed to testify against the extremists. Twenty four hours later when he was brought to trial, he denied any knowledge of the case. It was later confirmed that three extremists and threatened to kill him if he testified. (source: Compass Direct News).

This is a small corner of the world that desperately needs our prayer and support. These Christians need to be protected and the government is not intervening strongly or quickly enough. Check back for more information as Open Doors launches its Orissa Campaign on September 8.


Orissa Christians Still Without A Voice

When you visit, you are met with a normal government website. It talkes about upcoming festivals, shares recent news and displays maps of the area. You would never know that in the actual state of Orissa, India there is exreme violence against a religious minority. The site does not talk about the thousands of Christians who have been killed in that region over the past year, simply for being Christian. Nor does it share the stories of thousands of other Christians who are forced to live in refuge camps because Hindu extremists have burned down thier homes and threatened thier lives. Allow me to share thier stories with you now.

The purpose of the blog

To EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE. To be a voice to those who have none, a voice that is LOUDER than their persecution, oppression and pain. A righteous voice that is LOUDER than the enemy.

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