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Secret Believers


Testimonies of Discipleship Training for Secret Believers

Open Doors has developed special training courses for secret believers and the impact of those courses is wonderful. These are some of the testimonies that we have received from those who have been a part of our discipleship training programs.

“I am the only Christian in my family. This makes it difficult for me. When I first became a Christian, I was very open and enthusiastic. I could not stop telling everybody about Jesus and invited many people to my house to talk about Him. It did not take a lot of time before people got offended. I then got arrested by the police and spent two months in jail for my faith.  


“What I loved about this training is that I finally learned about the truth. In Iran I had learned many things, but some of these would speak against each other. I also like to learn about the concept of sin. Not just what is a sin, but the broader perspective. This made a huge impact on me and my daily life.” 


“Before coming to the training I had a big problem. I saw ‘things’ that were very scary, like dark creatures in my bedroom. I could see them walking around. Sometimes these happenings would have a bad influence on me and I got depressed. The trainers talked to me about this and advised me what to do. What to pray before entering the room, what to pray next, and so on. This helped very well. I did all of this after coming home and since that time the creatures are gone and the problems have been solved, it is over. I am so happy about that.”  


“Also for me the big influence of training was the concept of sin. To know what is sin, the explanation of how it started and what it means for us today. Not just to talk about individual sins and sinners, but the total concept of it, to be away from God. That really helped me.” 


“I am the only one in the group who was brought up in a Christian home, I am a genuine Christian Background Believer (CBB). Growing up in a Christian home, I knew the Bible well, and knew all the stories. The training helped me putting all the separate stories together. It showed a line in the Bible, that I had not seen before. I learned how to find different Bible verses with the same meaning. This opens a way for giving service to people, helping them in a better way. I see a big need for good teachers and leaders. We have a need for more interaction, discussions and meetings with people. A week like this is so good to just be able to discuss matters and learn from each other.”  



The parable of the Sower

Matthew 13:1-23 tells the parable of the sower. A farmer sows seed in many places. He scatters seed on the road, but the birds eat it. He scatters seed in rocky soil, but the sun scorches them. He plants among thorns, but the thorns choke the plants. Finally he plants in good soil, where the plants grow healthy and produce and bountiful crop.

Verse 21 says “But since he has no root, he lasts only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, he quickly falls away.” Without being firmly rooted in the word, love and life of God, no Christian can withstand troubles and persecution. This blog highlights thousands of Christians all over the world who are firmly rooted in Christ and are therefore able to withstand the most intense persecution, sometimes to the point of death. Despite being discriminated against, verbally and physically abused, abandoned, forgotten and killed, these believers continue to persevere and remain deeply rooted in their faith.

We invite you to join our community. We are one body in Christ, when one suffers we all suffer. When one is persecuted we are all persecuted.  The stories of the persecuted church must be heard. Their suffering must not be in vain, but must be shared to encourage the body and further the Kingdom of God. We encourage you to read the stories and share them on your own blog along with your thoughts, experiences and prayers.

The purpose of the blog

To EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE. To be a voice to those who have none, a voice that is LOUDER than their persecution, oppression and pain. A righteous voice that is LOUDER than the enemy.

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