This blogger posts 5x a week…unless a rare sickness or even more rare vacation does not permit. I’ve set up this blog to have a theme for every day. For example, every Monday I’ll blog about ways to be praying throughout the week. While I would love it if you checked in every day, I understand that just might not be feasible or desirable for many of you, my faithful readers. So I have compiled this reader’s guide so you get a general idea of what will be blogged about on what days, so you know when to check in. I’m hoping in the near future I will be able to configure the RSS feeds so you can choose which days you want to subscribe to. More on that in the future. And now, with any further ado, the Rooted Reader’s Guide.

That wasn’t just a pretty example I made up earlier. Every Monday I will post prayer suggestions for the week. Often times they will be for the persecuted church, but other times I will pull them from news headlines, church friends, my personal life, etc. If you ever have something you would like the Christian blogging community to be praying for, please post it in a comment or email me at I promise to respect anonymous requests.

Tuesday Testimonials
Pretty self explanatory. I’ll be sharing testimonies from co-workers at Open Doors, people who have gone on trips to persecuted countries, people who have been persecuted, etc. Again, not every single testimony will center around persecution. I personally love testimonies of healing and salvation, so expect alot of those too.

Headliner Wednesday
I’ll share links to several news articles I found interesting that week, sometimes choosing a few to discuss in depth. I’ll also highlight campaigns and events going on at Open Doors and churches, local and abroad.

Thoughts on a Thursday
My personal reflections, some discussions, devotionals and thought provokers.

Free for all Friday
Pretty much whatever I feel like posting that day.


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To EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE. To be a voice to those who have none, a voice that is LOUDER than their persecution, oppression and pain. A righteous voice that is LOUDER than the enemy.

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