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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts and pages, I was inspired to start this blog during my volunteer work at Open Doors. While I have expanded this blog to include more than just news updates from Open Doors, I still fully support this company and would like to share some of the amazing campaigns they have going on the next couple of months.

1) Pray. Join Open Doors for the International Day of Prayer on Nov. 8. You can request a free prayer kit and use it to spread the word at your church, bible study or college campus. Not everyone can donate money or go on a missions trip to support the persecuted church, but we can all pray.

2) Text a Bible. Open Doors has a great on going campaign called text a Bible. Its as easy as it sounds. Text the word “Bible” to 20222. Reply “yes” to the confirmation text and your done. Five dollars will be charged to your next phone bill, and you’ve just placed a Bible in the hands of a Christian desperately needing daily encouragment. Visit the Open Doors website for more information.

3) Blog. Join the Open Doors Persecution Blog Network and help spread the word about the plights of persecuted Christians, praise reports from Christians worldwide, ways to advocate and make a political difference in the right for religious freedom, ways to pray and ways to donate.


Of course it wouldn’t be Headliner Wednesday without some headlines. Here is what is going on in the world:

  1. Tsunami hit the Samoan Islands today
  2. With so many negative headlines in the world, I love it when I find a positive one. A church in Indonesia recently won the legal battle to worship in thier own building.
  3. Pastor in India seriously wounded, Hindu extremeist suspected

The Power of the Pen

There are so many ways we can support the persecuted church. The obvious ways are through prayer and donations, but Open Doors has several programs that allow us to reach out in different ways. My favorite is their letter writing program.  You can write a letter s to Christians in China, Columbia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mexico and Uzbeckistan.  Here’s how:

1)      Visit Click on the “Get Involved” tab

2)      Download the “Letter Writing Guide.” It gives suggestions of things to write and gives specifics on what is not okay to write. It also tells you where to send the letters. It is very important to read this guide as it will help protect your identity and the identity of the recipients.

3)      Scroll through the list of people you can write letters to, pick one, and start writing. Open Doors has done a great job of posting basic personal histories of people who receive letters. There is the story of Brother Ning who spent 7 years in prison for illegal house church activities and is now having a hard time readjusting to life outside prison. Or you could write to Jemima, a Nigerian widow who lost her husband in an attack by Muslim extremists and now cares for her her 11 children by herself.

This is such a great way to minister to our brother’s and sister’s being persecuted. I recently participated in this activity by writing to the children at the Children’s Home in Columbia. I wrote down some encouraging song lyrics and I had the kids I babysit draw pictures and write little notes. They loved it! The letters, pictures and lyrics were hand delivered by one of our staff that recently went on a trip to Columbia.

Not only was this a great way to encourage the persecuted, it was a great teaching tool for the kids I babysit. It taught  them a little bit about the persecuted church (without being too graphic or scary)and showed them that there is something they can do to help.  This would be a great project for homeschoolers. The whole project took about 30 minutes and didn’t cost me anything, but I know its going to bring a smile to those kids.. Thank you in advance for giving up a small part of your day to support and encourage the persecuted.

one of the children we wrote letters to.

one of the children we wrote letters to.

The purpose of the blog

To EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE. To be a voice to those who have none, a voice that is LOUDER than their persecution, oppression and pain. A righteous voice that is LOUDER than the enemy.

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