The main inspiration for Rooted Perseverance is the persecuted church. As an intern for Open Doors, a non profit that ministers to persecuted Christians in over 45 different countries, I am constantly stunned by the violations experienced by Christians and religious minorities around the world. I feel its a topic worth blogging about, worth discussing and absolutely worth praying about.

Many of the news articles, campaigns, information and inspiration come from Open Doors, but not all of it. I make it very clear in every post when I’m citing Open Doors and when I’m expressing my opinion. While I do my best to keep my opinion in line with Open Doors, please remember that it is still my opinion and not a direct reflection of the views of the company.

I hope that you will join me on this journey of education, enlightenment and discovery. There really is no persecuted or non persecuted church. We are all the church, we are all one body, and we should all be learning from, reaching out too, and praying for one another.


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The purpose of the blog

To EDUCATE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCOURAGE. To be a voice to those who have none, a voice that is LOUDER than their persecution, oppression and pain. A righteous voice that is LOUDER than the enemy.

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