Dear God,

I pray for joy this holiday season. I know that many people are out of work, forced out of thier homes and they feel alone and desperate. Many of them do not have money for a decent meal, much less a holiday feast. Some are just barely getting by and others have already lost it all. I pray that in the midst of poverty, anxiety, uncertainty, unemployment and helplessness your peace and joy would prevail. I pray that you would show me ways that I can be an example of peace and joy to those that are hurting.

I pray for Christians who have family members that do not know you. I pray you would give those Christians perseverance to keep praying for thier family and to keep being an example of your love. Soften the hearts of non believing family members that they would recieve your salvation.

I pray for citizens of Iraq. I pray for Christians that You would give them strength to persevere although the persecution against them gets worse and worse everyday. I pray that You would give them love for thier enemies and remind them that they are not fighting against flesh and blood but against Satan. No matter how strong Satan may seem at times, God is always stronger. I pray for Muslims in Iraq, I thank You for them for they are Your creation and loved by You. Please protect them and send people to minister to them, love them and pray for them. I pray for all soldiers in Iraq. I pray that they get a good night sleep tonight and that they wake up feeling refreshed. I pray for unity amongst the troops that they would support and encourage eachother. I pray that you would bring them home safely to thier families.

I pray for President Obama. I pray that as he struggles with major issues like the war, the recession and health care that You would give him wisdom to do what is best for this country and for the world. I pray that You would protect him and his family. I pray that he would make changes that glorify You and are really the right thing for this country. I pray he makes changes that lay a strong foundation for the future. I thank you for this country, for our government, for the citizens, for the geography and for all the things that make us unique. Please remind all of us, regardless of how we feel about the economy or the president or healthcare, that this country is in Your hands. It was founded on Your principles. You put us here for a reason and for that we are greatful.

In Jesus Name.



Nonsense Questions

Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable.”- C.S. Lewis 

It drives me crazy when people take the “nothing is impossible for God” statement and start asking nonsense questions like “well can God make a rock so big that He can’t move it?” No, and honestly, who cares. Those people are totally missing the point. Obviously there are some things that God cannot due. He cannot go against his nature and therefore cannot lie, hate or commit any sin. He can’t die. He can, however, do anything that we need Him to. He can heal the sick, provide for the poor, comfort the mourners and find the lost. Has anyone ever needed God to create a rock so big he couldn’t lift it? No. Has anyone ever needed God to sin? Of course not. What we need from God, He always provides

My family has always been lower middle class. My parents put away a little money every month in order to have enough at Christmas time. One year, there was a family at our church who had nothing. My parents ask my siblings and I if we would be willing to give up our Christmas money to help out that family. We said yes, secretly hoping that a Christmas miracle would allow us to get some presents too. And wouldn’t you know it, about a week later my great grandmother in Ohio sent us a check for the same amount of money as we gave away. My parents hadn’t told her anything, she just said she had been praying one day and felt that God was telling her to send us some money. The other family and my family was tremendously blessed that Christmas. Can God perform Christmas miracles? Yes He can!

Two years ago my thirteen year old cousin had a stroke. Within 24 hours he went from being a normal teenager to being in a coma with a 1% chance of making it to the next day. That is not an exaggeration, he literally had a 1% survival rate. My family prayed and prayed as doctor’s performed an extremely high risk surgery. Two years later, my cousin is walking, talking, going to boy scout camp, getting in fights with his siblings and attending school at his normal grade level. Can God heal the sick? Yes he can.

My grandfather is one of those people who made a much better grandpa than he did a dad. I remember in my early childhood he and my dad rarely got along. My dad was never fond of visiting the man who often physically, verbally and emotionally abused him growing up. But, he kept visiting his dad and took us along. After lots of prayer and endless discussions and apologies, my grandpa was able to repent and ask forgivenes of God and my dad, and my dad was able to release all of that anger and forgive his father. Because of that, us grandkids have a great relationship with our Papa. I have great memories of my Grandpa taking me on deliveries when he worked in the battery business, always buying me mint chocolate chip icecream, sending me birthday cards telling how proud he was of me and swing dancing with me at my wedding. Can God change people’s hearts and mend broken relationships? Yes He can.

So no, God cannot build a rock that he cannot lift nor can he answer nonsense questions…BUT…He can do, be and say anything His children need.


persecution, flooding and North Korea

Extreme Flooding in India
   India is experiencing the worst flooding in 100 years. According to the Christian Post, 222 people have died and 2.5 million have been forced from thier homes.

Kidnapped Iraqi Christian Dead
   A 45 year old Iraqi Christian was killed and kidnapped and his body found on Sunday. Since 2003, half the Christian communicty has left Iraq and more continue to leave as violent incidents like this increase.

Christian Arrested for Distributing Tracts in Egypt
   I am continually learning about more and more countries that do not have lawes against Christianity, yet Christians are arrested and persecuted there. This story is one such example.

Justice Comes to Orissa
   Its a small step, but a step nonetheless. Six people were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for their role in anti-Christian violence. For background information on Orissa check out this past post: Orissa Prayer Campaign

The Paradox of North Korea
   Very few journalists are allowed in North Korea , however, this BBC journalist was given teh unique opportunity to visit “one of the most effective systems of control ever envisaged.”lsdkjf  /zxx.v;p


Secret Believers


Testimonies of Discipleship Training for Secret Believers

Open Doors has developed special training courses for secret believers and the impact of those courses is wonderful. These are some of the testimonies that we have received from those who have been a part of our discipleship training programs.

“I am the only Christian in my family. This makes it difficult for me. When I first became a Christian, I was very open and enthusiastic. I could not stop telling everybody about Jesus and invited many people to my house to talk about Him. It did not take a lot of time before people got offended. I then got arrested by the police and spent two months in jail for my faith.  


“What I loved about this training is that I finally learned about the truth. In Iran I had learned many things, but some of these would speak against each other. I also like to learn about the concept of sin. Not just what is a sin, but the broader perspective. This made a huge impact on me and my daily life.” 


“Before coming to the training I had a big problem. I saw ‘things’ that were very scary, like dark creatures in my bedroom. I could see them walking around. Sometimes these happenings would have a bad influence on me and I got depressed. The trainers talked to me about this and advised me what to do. What to pray before entering the room, what to pray next, and so on. This helped very well. I did all of this after coming home and since that time the creatures are gone and the problems have been solved, it is over. I am so happy about that.”  


“Also for me the big influence of training was the concept of sin. To know what is sin, the explanation of how it started and what it means for us today. Not just to talk about individual sins and sinners, but the total concept of it, to be away from God. That really helped me.” 


“I am the only one in the group who was brought up in a Christian home, I am a genuine Christian Background Believer (CBB). Growing up in a Christian home, I knew the Bible well, and knew all the stories. The training helped me putting all the separate stories together. It showed a line in the Bible, that I had not seen before. I learned how to find different Bible verses with the same meaning. This opens a way for giving service to people, helping them in a better way. I see a big need for good teachers and leaders. We have a need for more interaction, discussions and meetings with people. A week like this is so good to just be able to discuss matters and learn from each other.”  



prayer prevails

On September 25, Representatives Emmanuel Cleaver and Trent Franks  co-sponsored a letter to the Chief Minister of Orissa State, asking him to address the issue of violence and violation of religious freedom that has been taking place over the past year in Orissa. Prior to the letter being sent out, Open Doors hosted a campaign asking people to contact their congress representatives and ask them to sign the letter. Thanks to your efforts, 21 representatives signed the letter. Pray that the letter is well received by the Chief Minister of Orissa State and that effective, legal action is taken immediately to give justice to victims of the Orissa attacks.

The beautiful islands of Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, are in need of our prayers. There are currently 100 short term missionaries there. Pray that God gives them wisdom when evangelizing and that their short stay is able to make a long term impact. Also pray that God calls long term missionaries to the island to plan churches and share the gospel. Also pray for seafarers from Maldives as they are often lonely and go up to 12 months isolated from friends and family.

the beautiful island of maldives, taken from nationalgeographic.com

the beautiful island of maldives, taken from nationalgeographic.com

This article is a bit old, but still worth mentioning. In early September the State Assembly “approved legislation that would allow courts to seize any property, such as house or automobile, used in the commission of human trafficking. In addition to the courts seizing property, SB 557 would add civil penalties of up to $25,000.”  Praise the Lord! Pray that more advancement is made to stop human trafficking in the U.S. as well as other countries.

Pray for the recent events of persecution in India.

My friend, Jaime, is pregnant with twins and should be delivering in three days, on the 8th. Pray that everything goes smoothly and her two baby girls are healthy.

Keep praying for all who are unemployed. My dad has a second interview this week with a well known publishing company. Please pray that all goes well.

Please say a special prayer for our troops in Afghanistan. I don’t have any details, but my friends fiancé is deployed there now and I know the past couple months the troops have had many brushes with death.  Pray for all their families…strength, love and comfort for the families of those who have already been killed and perseverance, strength and hope for families waiting for safe returns.

afghan troops. picture taken from www.dailymail.co.uk


Single Baby

Stumbled across this while searching YouTube and I nearly died laughing. Happy Friday!


100% certain that I am uncertain

September 27 was my three month wedding anniversary. We celebrated by going to another wedding. Its been like that all summer. We had friends who spent their two week wedding anniversary at our wedding. Yay for love!

I have several friends in serious relationships asking me questions like “how did you know he was the one?” The truth is, I never really 100% knew. I’m not a person who is ever 100% sure about anything. I’m not sure what kind of career I want, where I want to raise a family, whether I want a disneyland or a knotts berry farm pass. This constant uncertainty used to make me indecisive. It also used to make me think that I wasn’t hearing from God. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a doubter by nature and God could probably write something on my bedroom wall and I would still question whether or not it was what I should do. So now I pray and go with what I’m pretty sure God wants me to do. It’s a risk, I know, but God is a pretty powerful being and one thing I am 100% sure of is that if I start down the wrong path, He’ll let me know.  So I was never 100% sure that my husband was “the one” (which, btw, i don’t actually believe in the concept of  “the one” but that is a discussion for another time.) But I was about 95% sure, which was way more certainty than I had felt for anything, so I figured that was good enough. And wouldn’t you know it….three months into I’m now 100% sure. He was definately worth the risk.

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